Monday, January 24, 2011

Shop Till You Drop...And Then Some!

Never thought it would happen….but, we’ve been completely and totally shopped out. After spending 2 months choosing toilets, tiles, lighting fixtures, etc…we have now begun the task of buying everything else that we’ll need to complete our home. Since things take an average of anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to hand make…we decided that we needed to get on the ball…and order everything prior to my visit to the States.
So….with that in mind,  we have spent almost every waking moment of the last 3 weeks shopping, shopping, shopping…and eventually; buying, buying, buying. Everything had to be bargained for to some extent. Now we just ask them for their ‘best price’ and decide if we want it or not.
First there were the necessary items; such as a fridge, oven, stove top, air conditioners and water heaters. Then came the beds, night tables, mosquito nets, console tables, outside chairs, inside chairs, loungers, umbrellas, sofa, cabinets, day beds etc, etc and so forth.
So now, that’s done and we have everything except for lamps and a coffee table….which we will get soon.
But folks, it’s not over yet…because just prior to the construction being completed, we will need to start shopping again! For garden statuary, fountains, plants, trees, vines, flowers, paving stones etc. It’s a thankless job…but, someone’s got to do it!
Here are some of the photos that we’ve taken during our buying trips…and the total cost of furnishings???? A little over $10,000!


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  1. man--this looks soooo awesome!! love and miss you both--glad to see you both are enjoying the adventure!
    love, angela