Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lifting up Buckets of Cement

This week we saw the start of the 2nd story of the main house.  That is, the ceiling was put in place, which becomes the floor of level two. Today and for many years houses in Bali have been, and still are, made of cement and cinder blocks, wood being scarce and, therefore, expensive.  Wood--teak, mahogany and others are used for door & window frames, roof beams and furniture.  So we have a great deal of cement being mixed--by hand in small troughs--with the bags of cement and rocks and sand and steel rods for the re bar carried up the 16 steps and the 7 minute walk down the narrow path to our house.  All day cinder blocks are stacked and cemented into place to form walls which will eventually be plastered over.

Me With Supervisor, Gede
Checking the Plans

We did have a two day diversion via a trip to Singapore in order to secure our Indonesian Retirement Visas which will allow us certain privileges such as opening a bank account and the ability to say here uninterrupted with only an annual government fee.  Singapore is not a very exciting city, but it is known for great shopping and world-class food.  We stayed (for the 2nd time) in Little India, which, as you can guess has a pretty good selection of Indian food.  But we opted to eat mostly Singaporean cuisine in casual open air restaurants.  Singaporean food is a rich, spicy and flavorful blend of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian ingredients and tastes--lots of seafood and vegetables, and a plethora of food courts, consisting of varieties of noodle dishes, soups, curries and much more--all wonderful!  We had dim sum one morning that was delicious!  We went to the Singapore Art Museum to see the works of two very prolific artists, both with a broad range of style and techniques--loved them both. The museum is in a beautiful, old building that has been retrofitted to house works of art and contains many exhibits, all excellently presented--even some Dale Chihouly glass!  We accomplished our mission and after two days there our visas were processed and we returned to Bali late Wednesday night--tired but relieved to have finalized this important step.

We see how important it is for us to be here, as there are revisions and changes that come up almost daily.  Luckily, our architect, engineer and site supervisor are always cooperative and do their best to keep us happy.
Who is that with our architect?
 Keep tuned for the story of Ubud and all the yoga and new age activity here.

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