Saturday, October 9, 2010

2nd Posting from Barbara

We have now met with Komang (our architect) and Chipta (our engineer) multiple times. They return every couple of days with and updated drawing of our house, including all the changes we decide on during our meetings. We initially wanted to build a 2 storey house in order to take advantage of the ricefields and views of the volcano, Mount Agung, where the Gods are believed to dwell. It would face East and allow us to see the sunrise from our bed each morning. But the cost was more than we had budgeted, and so we have to come up with another plan.
We tried to think of various ways to cut back and discovered that building on one storey would be less expensive. So, we now are planning on 1 bed and bath for the main house….and a guest house with one bed and bath as well. We also had to reduce the total size down to about 1,600 feet…but since the house will flow into the terrace area, and there will be high ceilings, white walls and floors and lots of windows, hopefully, it will feel much larger than it is. There will also be fairly extensive gardens, a pool with a bale (small meditation platform in the pool), and a lotus pond. Finally, we are satisfied with both the price and the plan!
All that needs to be done is approval of the final drawings, a signed contract, and we can break ground to start the foundation in a couple of days.
Look at our architectural drawings to get a better idea of the design of the house and land.
PS...We are also looking for a name for the Villa, and could use some help with it. We've toyed with names in Sanskrit, Indonesian, Indian Gods and Goddesses etc, but so far nothing seems right. Henry's sister Joan, though of one that used the first initials of all the kids names....and that is definitely in the, please, give us your recommendations, suggestions and ideas....


  1. Just read through all the postings, yours and Henry's. I love how you fill in the blanks for each other. What a journey! I have so many questions....Didn't you already have a house in Bali? Was it hard to let go of all your stuff? I know when we left Santa Fe, we got rid of sooooo much, and I found it oddly disturbing, which I hadn't expected. Sometimes I still look for something and then remember we sold it or gave it away. What about the pup? Are you happy with being in Bali? Will you have enough $to survive without working, or do you intend to do some sort of work? Still going to have retreats there? Anyway, it was great getting a glimpse of what's going on for you both...